Starting on September 26, 2017, blogs on the topic of PARENTAL AND GRANDPARENT ALIENATION began to appear on this web site from time to time.   Those blogs, and many other writings, were, over time, consolidated into a publication called: The Alienation of Nana: A True Story. Abbreviated excerpts from that publication were originally posted on this website in early fall of 2018.   From time-to-time, new excerpts were posted on this site, while others were temporarily removed. Most have now been permanently removed, but the entire series will remain available as a PDF file by phoning this office. The cost is $10.00, and all proceeds will be donated to the ACLU for their work in helping to reunify families separated at the southern border.

Click here to begin the remaining excerpts that pertain to the ALIENATION OF PARENTS AND GRANDPARENTS, or click on any active link in the Table of Contents below to connect you to a particular topic.    

                                                            TABLE OF CONTENTS

An Introduction

A Picture Is Worth . . . .

An Overview of Grandparent Alienation

What Is Grandparent Alienation - Really?

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