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From time to time, I will post suggestions, ideas and tips about divorce, mediation, helping children through divorce, and other related subjects. If you would like to comment on what appears here, feel free to email me through the Contact Me page. If your comments are relevant and helpful, I will post them here. Let me know if you want your name included or excluded from the posting. You may even send comments about your mediation experience—either with me or another mediator (no names, please). And if you want to share your litigation experience, feel free to write and I may post those remarks, too. Keep checking for updates. Something may appear that will be exactly what you need to hear to move forward.

Lies & Truths #3

"There are 869 different forms of lying, but only one of them has been squarely forbidden. Thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbor."  

 Mark Twain

Lies & Truths #2

I really know nothing more criminal, more mean, and more ridiculous than lyging.  It is the production either of matlice, cowardice, or vanity; and generally misses of its aim in every one of these views; for lies are always detected, sooner or later.”

Lord Chesterfield

Lies & Truths #1

"The history of our race, and each individual’s experience, are sown thick with evidence that a truth is not hard to kill and that a lie told well is immortal.”

Mark Twain


Freddie is my 13 ½ year old Labrador retriever.  She is by my side when I am writing Separation Agreements and court papers - and often in the office when clients are with me in mediation. There are occasions when she prefers to take her nap in one of her beds outside the room in which I am mediating, but when she awakens and realizes there is serious business going on in the room next to her, she comes in to say hello and then settles back again to nap in our presence.  …

Sex Abuse of Children - Myths I Have Heard

Years ago, a grown woman who had not yet had children of her own, looked me square in the eye and declared with absolute certainty that 100% of adults who were molested as children grow up to be child molesters.  

I tried to explain to this woman that she had it backwards.  I explained to her that many or most - or maybe even all, but I doubt it  - child molesters might have been molested themselves - but this was a very different statement than the one she had just made.

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