Freddie is my 13 ½ year old Labrador retriever.  She is by my side when I am writing Separation Agreements and court papers - and often in the office when clients are with me in mediation. There are occasions when she prefers to take her nap in one of her beds outside the room in which I am mediating, but when she awakens and realizes there is serious business going on in the room next to her, she comes in to say hello and then settles back again to nap in our presence.  That’s what old dogs do. They sleep.  And sometimes they snore. If I am lucky, she snores just at the moment when comic relief would be helpful, and then - after we have all laughed for a second - she is quiet again. (Sometimes, it’s like she knows in her sleep what we are needing from her in that moment.)

If a client wishes to not have Freddie in the room, I respect that preference and make Freddie comfortable elsewhere.  

She is the sixth dog and fifth Labrador to share my life and to share my offices over the decades - in Ridgefield, Danbury, Newtown and Woodbridge. First, there was Jessie, my golden retriever. Then came Reggie, my first yellow Lab.  He came to the office with me every day.  He worked with me, and I worked with him. We were together all the time, in my law office, or in a dog training class, or in the field honing his retrieiving skills.  Then came Sophie, my first black Lab, who triggered the move of my law office from an elevator office building to the second story of my home.  The entire second floor was converted into an office. It was necessary. Taking one dog to an office building was easy. But taking two - Reggie + Sophie - was problematic.  So I brought the office to the dogs, as leaving any dog at home alone was never an option I would consider.  Ever. 

Sophie gave us Lucy, a singleton black Lab, and then Kendra, a yellow Lab from Sophie's second and last litter.  Each of them spent time in the office with me, but only one at a time when clients were present.

Thirteen years and four months ago to the day, January 4, 2006 to be exact, Kendra gave us Freddie.  Today, Freddie remains the last surviving Labrador in a line of Labs that has been my canine family since 1994.  She has become a fixture in the office and has even warranted some mentions in the client reviews on-line!  When I saw that I had never mentioned her - or any of the canine companions that came before her - on my web site; dogs who always made themselves available for my clients’ comfort when the clients called for them; it was an omission I had to rectify immediately!  Now I have.  


P.S.  Freddie passed away on March 21, 2020.  I will not remove this entry that was written for her as much as it was written about her.  The office will not be the same without her. Nor will my heart. 

 JANUARY 4, 2006 - MARCH 21, 2020  

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