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True Stories #4: Let's Talk It Out In Litigation (Kidding)

I didn’t see this myself, but heard about it from other lawyers for years after it happened.  

Two divorce lawyers had just opposed one another in court when, upon leaving the courtroom, one of them pushed the other up against the wall and punched him.  (One of them is a co-author of a book on divorce law. The story goes that he was the first to lay hands on the other.)

I didn’t see this myself, but read about it in the newspapers and saw it on the news.

Upon exiting her car at the courthouse parking lot, a divorce lawyer was shot by her client’s husband.   …

Tax Refunds

Did you get a tax refund for 2011?  If that was the last year you and your spouse could file a joint tax return (because you will be divorced in 2012), and you are seeing money back from the State or the Federal government, think about paying down a joint debt.  Whatever you do with the refund, do it together and by agreement.  If you can't agree, then escrow the money until a decision can be made in the final divorce agreement as to how the refund should be handled.  …

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