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Planning for Divorce in 2012

It has been the historic pattern of my business to see an increase in new client phone calls during the months of January and February.  I always presumed that couples decided to  divorce sometime during the preceding year, but postponed their divorces until the Christmas and Hanukkah holidays have passed.  They give their children a chance to focus back on school, rather than on a family with changing and challenging dynamics.  

Is this you?

Whatever the reason, and whether you are planning to mediate your divorce or litigate it, this might be a good time to revisit some of the blogs from mid-2011 that address how to best

Christmas After Divorce

This year, in less than half a week’s time, some people will be spending their first Christmas as a divided family.  This will be the first time that what was written months ago on a piece of paper will be tried as that part of the parenting plan that addresses how Christmas will be spent after divorce.  One parent may spend all of Christmas Day with the children, while the other parent may not see the children at all until December 25th has passed.  Worse, that parent may be spending Christmas alone.  …

True Stories #3: Let's Have Another Cup of Coffee

It's 10:45AM on a Monday morning, the day of the week that lawyers come to the courthouse to argue motions that have been scheduled for a hearing. Hearings are scheduled to begin at 10:00AM in this particular courtroom, and the courtroom should have been unlocked at 9:00AM to let the lawyers find a seat and open their briefcases. Stuck on the outside the courtroom, the crowd of lawyers continues to grow.  No one has yet unlocked the doors to the courtroom.

True Stories #2: What's Good For the Goose . . .

Read True Stories from December 6, 2011.  If you think judicial bias only runs from a male judge against the female spouse, you missed the point of True Stories #1.  

True Stories #2 occurs one year after the Smith's divorce discussed in the previous blog.  

Same courthouse. Different judge.

We will call this case the Jones' divorce.  Mr. Jones had had one affair.  It was recent and it catalyzed the divorce. (After the divorce, Mr. Jones married the catalyst.)  …

True Stories #1: Why You Should Think Twice Before Litigating Your Divorce

Every litigator has war stories to tell. Most will talk about their wins; some about their losses.  I do not look back on my litigation days in such terms, though I would probably feel better about those days if I did.

I look back on them as days of a slow awakening, resisting every sign that told me that the system wasn’t what my grade school teachers had taught me it was. At least not for divorce, it wasn't. These were the days that, trial by trial, case by case, I came to realize that this same system, touted as the best in the world, was simply broken. …

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