Client Testimonials

I am proud to say that my former husband and I had the privilege to work with Attorney Plasil and I cannot recommend her highly enough. We were and still are, on extremely friendly terms and luckily, Ellen Plasil was instrumental in making this process one that did not alter our goals of finding a way to go through this with kindness, grace and empathy. Our greatest fear was having an already painful process become something that could have been traumatic. Not only was she incredibly professional, which gave us a sense of security, but she was compassionate and caring. We loved not only her respect for us and her profession, but also her sense of humor and ability to relate on so many levels. We didn’t want a cold business-like transaction after we spent so many years building a family together. She had tissues, chocolates, pens and notepads available, as well as the comfort to allow us to pet her beloved dog. She creates an extremely professional environment while at the same time offering warmth and comfort. I will always be grateful for the gift she was able to give us by making this a period of transition, rather than one that could have been antagonistic. This is a woman who has a profound devotion and passion for making the world a better place and truly makes a difference. 

Julie P.
Hamden, CT
February 2019

I’m so glad I found Ellen for my Divorce. She definitely taught me a lot of different things through the process. She also could “read” me knowing how I felt which I thought was great after only knowing for short time. That’s how much she connects with her clients. Freddie her dog was great therapy and calming . She had us very prepared for the whole process took the stress away.

Bethany, CT
October 2018

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Ellen's knowledge of law and the caring she gave to my ex and I were way more than expected. She went above and beyond to help us through so much more than just the divorce. She prepared us for the day in court and it went just as she explained. I would recommend Ellen to anyone looking for a quality mediator.

Sal P.
Bethany, CT
October 2018

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While I don't wish divorce on anyone, if both parties choose that route and decide on mediation, I highly recommend that you consider hiring Ellen Plasil.  Her commitment to the case, concern for all parties and requisite skills are top notch and you couldn't possibly be in better hands.

My ex-husband and I retained the mediation services of Ellen Plasil in August of 2014.  Prior to choosing her as our mediator in the summer of 2014, I researched several other mediators in the area, and during our initial telephone conversation, I found Attorney Plasil’s demeanor to be knowledgeable, professional, respectful and incredibly warm.  The services she offered were all inclusive and her rates were on par with all of the other mediators that I researched.  Further, I received several referrals for her services.  In short, choosing Ellen Plasil as our mediator, was a no brainer. 

Attorney Plasil approached every meeting we had with her, with sensitivity and sincerity, and brought incredible awareness and insight to the unique legal issues we brought to the table.  She immediately put us both at ease with her kind, warm, and funny personality.  We even had several moments of levity during tense times (which I know is hard to believe, but it’s true).  Her knowledge of divorce law and her impeccable work ethic stood out at every session.  Most important was her need to be fair to both parties.  She never took sides and was extremely fair when it came to working on finances and splitting assets and I know for a fact that my ex would echo my sentiments.

Ms. Plasil took all of our distinctive issues into account when drafting our settlement agreement and even went so far as to include our dog into the agreement, which was a relief to both of us.  She didn’t miss a single detail.

I simply cannot recommend Ellen Plasil highly enough!  She is caring, kind, thoughtful, thorough, extremely knowledgeable and goes out of her way to be fair and sensitive to all parties involved.   The fact is, she is an absolute pleasure to be around, can make a person laugh during trying times and is just one of the most amazing people I have ever met.  We lucked out when we chose her as a mediator.  She is simply the best.   I can actually say that I miss having sessions with her (and that says a lot!).  

Susanne S.
Monroe, CT
January 2016

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If you are fortunate enough to have Ellen Plasil take on your case, you will be working with the best there is in the field. Ellen's knowledge of the law, experience working in the legal arena, and compassion for justice make her a cut above all the rest. If you are seeking a true professional with integrity, look no further.

I can truly say that it was Ellen's expertise and dedication for justice that allowed my daughter to grow into a healthy and successful adult. She managed to navigate the murky waters of child visitation and custody to gain justice for a child in need of a resolution.

At a time when attorney jokes are common place, and most people can't stand the idea of dealing with an attorney, I can say, without reservation, that Ellen Plasil is the exception to all the jokes and negative press. She brings back integrity and honor to the position. While most people never want to see their attorney ever again, after their case is over, I have enjoyed ongoing contact for over eighteen years.

Elaine M.
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I had the privilege and opportunity to meet with Attorney Plasil several years ago regarding a very sensitive and emotional family matter; based on our initial interview and her interest in my case, I decided to retain her and hoped for the best. I needed an attorney who would be aggressive, fearless, thoughtful and well organized, and yet what I received was much more than that.

In her office, Attorney Plasil was observant and poised, cautious and inquisitive, careful to get the facts straight. She was extremely professional and courteous and I had assumed those traits would carry into the courtroom. There, it was amplified: she was assertive and strong, demonstrative and well spoken; she was not a woman (or an attorney) who would be easily threatened or intimidated. She was, and always will be an attorney with true integrity, and fights for what she believes in, and if you happen to be fortunate enough to be what she believes in, you can bet you will get the fairest, most accurate representation of your life!

Attorney Plasil treated my case with a sense of urgency and with the utmost respect and sensitivity; she knew my battles were extremely difficult for me and remained always mindful of that. She was extremely patient with me and offered some excellent advice both legally and personally on how to get through that difficult time. Each and every step of the trial was explained to me in full detail, and in a way that was understandable to me. Every one of my phone calls were returned immediately or, if not,on the same day,which was so important to me.

I would strongly recommend Attorney Plasil for any legal matter; she is really quite a remarkable woman.


Deborah Kelly
(name and content reprinted with permission)

I have the highest praise for Attorney Plasil and would recommend her to anyone. She's the BEST! She can explain things in real English, not Legalese, so things are completely understandable. She has a remarkable knowledge of the Law, and what she doesn't know, she finds out—quickly. She not only helped me through a complicated divorce, she showed me she is persistent, smart and ethical. And she was able to help me with the emotional side of the proceedings, as well as the legal aspect. I felt I had someone on my side, who would never let me down—and she didn't. 

Cam Adams
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I met Ellen Plasil before she became an attorney-mediator, when she was still handling litigation cases. She represented me in an interstate custody dispute that was one of the most emotional and horrible events in my life. Her professionalism, diligence and determination were amazing, but it was her compassion that helped me weather the storm. Never failing, she was always there for me. Sometimes it was late into the night due to time differences (because I live on the West coast), but she was always there. Ellen not only went above and beyond in the legal arena, but extended herself as a person to help me maneuver the confusing and intimidating maze that the legal system can pose. I will always be grateful that she took my case and was the lawyer to represent me, and would recommend her without reservation to anyone needing legal help.

(initials and content reprinted with permission)

Attorney Plasil was assertive and efficient; I always remained informed and included in the process. I never felt alone or that I was merely a “case” to her. Her professionalism and care truly set the bar for Attorney/Client relations and I would never accept less in the future! I would highly recommend Attorney Plasil as an Attorney who still believes in the justice system and knows she can make a difference!

5 stars
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I love this woman!

5 stars

Outstanding attorney. I highly recommend her services.

5 stars

I can't say enough good things about this woman. I can only imagine how difficult my life would be if I hadn't found such a competent and determined attorney. What impressed me most is her unwavering concern for my daughters well being and future care. I am all too happy to write this revue as I will never be able to thank attorney Plasil enough.

5 Stars
Keith L.
Naugatuck, CT
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Excerpts from client's thank you notes:

[We] are just reeling over the incredible amount of work, effort, time, energy, brain power, etc. etc. which you have devoted to my case. Amazing!

We have truly witnessed a virtuoso tour de force performance!

I cannot thank you enough. 

(name withheld)

I just want to thank you for all you did for [us]. I know it wasn't easy. God bless you.

(name withheld)

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